Nice of you to "drop in". My name is Christina and I will tell you a little about Sheltieblue Shelties / Ragdoll.

Sheltiblue started 1986 in Sweden. My family, 2 + 3 two legged, have been living with some sheltie-boys - all with very good temper, but only as pets to fit our family's interest before I started the breeding.

We know - with shelties - You have all you need and everything You want! Please, let me know if you find some of my shelties attractive, or if you're interested in the next generation of puppies.
Tell me I will return to you.


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Ragdoll - The Cool Cat
It's true, We are living with them!
They are all the best friends to my doggies and they are always playing/sleeping together.
The Ragdolls are a very humble beloved friend with dignity in our hearts and home.

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